Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea tastes like wet wood.

In the words of my husband, though, "It's not so bad after the first couple of sips."

I had heard of Pu-erh tea a year or so ago. That time was in conjunction with using it as the base for kombucha instead of green or black tea.

The word was that it helped in losing weight. It is said to inhibit the creation of cholesterol, thereby reducing your bad cholesterol. There is some evidence that it also reduces weight and triglycerides. In China it was also widely used as a hangover remedy.

Well, I don't drink, so I'm hoping that adding it into my slow-carbing will help promote or accelerate weight loss. I could probably use with some triglyceride and cholesterol lowering.

Though Ferriss recommends cinnamon for making tea and coffee more palatable without honey or sugar, I've found just the opposite. Despite loving cinnamon, I hate it in my tea. As soon as I stopped adding the cinnamon, my tea became more palatable. I won't say it's more delicious or comforting or anything, just better.

It only took a few cups of tea - green, black, red, white or this pu-erh - to acclimate. Thank goodness! So, if you are nervous about going without any additives to your tea, I can assure you that it is fine once you get started.

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