Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 1 - Getting Started

Today is my (and my husband's) official start day for our 4HB project. All week we have been experimenting with making slow/no carb meals and finding ourselves quite full. Any bad eating was really just a matter of habit or a desire to get rid of some of the sweets and treats we had lying around.

We got up really late this morning and dawdled a little, but before we got started we did our "Perfect Posterior" workout:

30 Glute Raises (I always called them pelvic presses) (GRs)
15 Flying Dogs per side (FDs)
30 Kettlebell Swings with 25lbs (KBSs)

Wow!  This was an incredibly effective workout. Effective being defined as "made me sore for hours and hours afterward". I almost couldn't do the 30 KBSs. After 20 I started getting a bit of tunnel visions and a panicky feeling. See, I'm a true newbie when it comes to exercise. I live on my couch, working on my computer. I haven't been doing much walking over the last few years and I spent 16 years as a smoker (I'm 6 years smoke free).

Given my present health profile, I'm actually curious to see how soon my body adapts to the regular exercise.

Before we started this morning, I was a little surprised that this 5-15 minutes of exercise was only supposed to be done three times a week. I'm not so skeptical now, though!  I think we'll go back and forth with the Perfect Posterior basic workout outlined above and an alternate workout of wall presses and squats, etc. I would like to get in the habit of daily exercise. We also plan to do a larger exercise weekly with the boys, weather permitting, like hiking.

(I've got 3 and 7 year old boys. Did I ever mention that before?)

I'll be doing a separate post for each day's food pics, so you can look for more specific details about food later. For now, I'll just mention quickly that we then had an omelet: french cream mushroom, spinach and chevrette (gotta use up my fancy cheeses) with 4 double yolk eggs between the my husband and I. Yum!

After we got our feed on, it was measurement and picture time. Now, I'm going to take the plunge and post my before and after pictures. I'm also going to list my specific measurements. My husband, however, does not we his photo on here. He doesn't want his name being used and he also doesn't want his specific measurements being listed. He did say I could post his total inches and track that on this site, along with my own.

So, here we go:

I look pregnant. How depressing. Ugh. What you see there is a 39 year old woman who is 5'10". (My husband is an inch taller than me.)

Now for some measurements:

Weight: N/A (we don't have a scale, so for now we are going by measurements alone)
R/B (right bicep): 17"
L/B (left bicep): 17"
R/T (right thigh): 32.25"
L/T (left thigh): 31"
H (hips): 56.5"
W (waist): 50.5"
C (chest): 50"
Total inches: 254.25"


Weight: N/A
Total inches: 227.5"

I can't wait to see those numbers drop. 


  1. Hi -- Just stopping by to check out the progress and wanted to return to see the original numbers. Stick with it, the first two weeks are the toughest.

    Also, what's the best way to reach you?

    Pareto Nutrition

  2. Hi Trevor, you can get in touch with me at mamaloo at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'm hoping my adjustments will turn around my results.

  3. First two weeks are tough.Picture is like pregnant woman.