Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 14 - The Numbers and the Week in Review

Well, I'm about to have my second Magic Day, so that means it is measurement day. I already knew what the scales were going to say: weight gain. And that isn't my goal. So, without further ado, here are the numbers for this week:

Weight: 292.2lbs (290lbs)
BMI: 44.86 (44.89)
R/B (right bicep): 16.5" (16.5", 17")
L/B (left bicep): 17" (16.5", 17")
R/T (right thigh): 31" (30.75", 32.25")
L/T (left thigh): 30.5' (30.25", 31")
H (hips): 56.25" (57", 56.5")
W (waist): 51" (51", 50.5")
C (chest): 50" (50.75", 50")
Total inches: 252.25" (252.75", 254.25")

Weight: 256.5lbs (257.6lbs)
BMI: 32.30 (32.44)
Total Inches: 226.75" (227", 227.5")

I knew the numbers were going to come out like that for me. My face looked puffy all week, I ovulated, my breasts were fuller and more tender and my stretch marks itched yesterday. And none of my clothes felt any looser.

The great thing, though, is that there is next week.

So here is my post-mortem of the week.

The Good Stuff:
  1. I felt less compulsion to snack between meals.
  2. I rarely felt hungry between meals, but when I did, it felt OK to just ride that feeling for a little while until I got the chance to cook.
  3. I switched from the Russian KB Swing to the American KB Swing. With the help of the following video, I really feel like I'm doing the swing correctly. I get the "violent hips" thing now.

The Bad Stuff :
  1. On Tuesday I met my husband for a lunch out. We went to one of our fave places, Mex-I-Can, where we shared guacamole with home made tortilla chips and a chimichanga. Holy Mother of Glorious Food!  It tastes so good but it feature tortillas, rice and chips. Not great. 
  2. On Wednesday, still suffering from sugar withdrawal blahs, I opted out of cooking and, pressed for time before having to teach a private group class, we went to Quiznos and got subs. I opted for the small and made sure there was lots of meat on it. But that bun wasn't good. 
  3. I had a few too many diet Pepsis this week. I never drank more than 16oz a day, but I drank that almost every day. 
  4. I spent a lot of time on the sofa with the laptop this week. I clearly need to get out more often.

The Goals:
  1. Eat more protein.
    1. Prep bean casseroles so that I can easily get in my protein requirements without added work.
    2. Make tasty recipes so the chances of getting enough beans into me is better. 
  2.  No cheats.
    1. If eating out, choose options that don't include carbs.
  3.  Start cold therapy.
    1. For 20 minutes while reading each night, wear a chill pack on the traps.
  4. Add Glut4 exercises in before meals.
    1. I don't have a stretchy thing for the chest pulls so I'll just go for as many squats as I can and wall presses. 
  5. Get yerba mate tea and alternate that and the pu-er tea with each meal. 
  6. Build a tracking sheet in Google Docs to track results and what measures I've been taking. 
  7. Do a daily weigh.
    1. Hop on the Wii every morning before I start making breakfast so that seeing the results of what I am doing continues to inspire and point to adjustments that need to be made.
I'll be starting up with daily pics of food again this week. I should also have some recipes to share.

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