Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goal Setting and Project Management

A new blog of a fellow 4HBer, Rob's 4 Hour Body, popped up today on my radar and his post included a nice little post mortem for his week that included good stuff, not so good stuff and goals.

Goals are amazing. We all have them, stuck in the back of our heads, maybe, or nagging us along our day. Most goals don't get realised. Achieving goals is sometimes pretty tough, as you will know if you are reading this blog. Goodness knows I've wanted to be at least a size 14 for nearly 10 years but having that goals doesn't mean I can achieve it.

Writing down your goals, however, is a very different thing than just conceiving them. When we write down our goals - and further, when we update them regularly in writing - we make it more likely that we will achieve them. Make them specific and you'll know exactly what you want to achieve. Add in sharing those goals with others and you suddenly have a far greater chance of achieving them than before. Tim points this out in The 4-Hour Body when he discusses the common factors of successful dieters.

The process of recording, updating and sharing goals transforms simple desires into a project to be managed.

This idea of project management is something the geeks in the 4HB community (and really, early adopters are often the techy geek folk, generally, and I say that with the affection of a fellow geek) can really get down with. Define the goal, break it down into tasks, assign a timeline and review the progress, updating the tasks and goals as needed.

I'm a childbirth educator and in one of my classes about marriage after children, I urge couples to create a Family Mission Statement. The idea is similar to project management: you define what is most important to you as a family, decide what you want your family to be like, what values you want your children to have and define your family goals.

So, it's about time I made myself my own project.

Goal for the week:
Define my project.
Write about it on my website.

How about you? What's your goal?

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