Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 7 - Measurements

Well, aside from a few glitches, I got through the week. It is the morning of my Magic Day and I'm waiting for my two pieces of toast! Toast! With cream cheese! I can hardly wait.

So, on to the measurements. (Last week in brackets)

Weight: 290lbs
BMI: 44.89
R/B (right bicep): 16.5" (17")
L/B (left bicep): 16.5" (17")
R/T (right thigh): 30.75" (32.25")
L/T (left thigh): 30.25" (31")
H (hips): 57" (56.5")
W (waist): 51" (50.5")
C (chest): 50.75" (50")
Total inches: 252.75" (254.25")

Weight: 257lbs
BMI: 32.44
Total Inches: 227" (227.5")

We realised that even tho we didn't have a traditional scale, we had a Wii Fit Plus system (that we never use). One of the features of that is to take weight measurements and track weight and BMI.

Now, in the 4-Hour Body book Ferriss points out how inaccurate a BMI is at telling you your actual body composition, but, like most measurements, when tracked as a constant, it can be an interesting way to see changes over time. Plus, the Wii Fit system uses it. So, we will, too. Neither my husband nor I are seeking go from geek to freak, so the BMI will be, perhaps, more accurate for us than it might be for others.

I have to catch up on the last couple of day's food logs. I've had to take my computer in for repair, so my posting may be a little spotty till it gets back.

And now, I'm off to enjoy my first Magic Day!

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